Selling Your Home

It is very important to have an accurate picture of your financial capacity. Once you establish your budget the next step is your needs.

Clear the inside and outside of your home

Pay special attention to your lawn, doors, bathrooms, counters and carpeting.

Eliminate needless accessories

By clearing as much as possible, the property will look bigger.


Remove photo collections, personal items, so the buyers can imagine themselves living in your home.

Decorate your home

Use neutral colours on the walls such as beige and white. Avoid bright colours. Add some plants particularly in the kitchen and bathroom.

Add light

Open the lights and the curtains bright homes always show better and sell faster.

Camouflage outside noises

Soft music will camouflage undesirable noises


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Mortgage Calculator

mortgage calculatorOur mortgage payment calculator will help you determine your monthly mortgage payments. Enter your mortgage amount, the interest rate, mortgage length, and the value of your home to calculate your mortgage payments.